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“His other-worldly quality transports you into a miraculous atmosphere."
"The wonderful countertenor, Matthew Venner."
BBC Music Magazine podcast, Oliver Condy and Rebecca Franks. 

"The medieval monody of Lullay lullay (is) a limpid solo by countertenor Matthew Venner, who sustains its seven-minute span superbly."
BBC Music Magazine 

"Venner's clear, well-modulated timbre and admirable control of phrasing play no small part in The Orlando Consort's rejuvenation".
Gramophone Magazine

"But the glory of the evening was the countertenor Matthew Venner. Venner is a singer of breathtaking talent and artistry. His three solo a cappella items... were delivered with such delicacy and relaxed confidence that one could have happily have listened to him all evening."
​Church Times

"The Altus Matthew Venner sings with an elegant, light and fresh tone and has lush lyrical qualities." (Germany)

"Two outstanding soloists in particular raised the level of performance – countertenor Matthew Venner and tenor Samuel Boden. Venner, trained in the English choral tradition by being both a former chorister and choral scholar, possesses a crystal-clear countertenor voice very much in the English style of James Bowman and Robin Blaze, and his numerous solo opportunities reached their climax in an emotionally draining rendition of Alto I’s bitter aria “Erbarme dich” (“Have mercy, Lord, on me”), which best emphasised Venner’s remarkable vocal control."

"I get a shiver every time the alto Matthew Venner opens his mouth."
Church Times